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Our statement on COVID-19: Update from 19.04.20
As the latest news we can announce that the border between the USA and Canada will be closed until 20.05.20 and all National Parks in Canada until the end of May. The government measures to contain the spread of the virus are very comprehensive, especially here in Canada, and the first positive results of the case numbers have been recorded, especially since Canadians are also very disciplined. We are not writing off the 2020 summer season! Nevertheless, we want to be prepared for possible entry restrictions beyond the data published so far and are working on additional travel offers, e.g. for August/September. Cancellations at this point in time are usually associated with additional costs for the customer and are therefore not advisable. As a family business, personal contact and conversation with our customers and business partners always comes first.  We kindly ask you to contact us, especially for customers with departure dates until the end of June, in order to make individual arrangements, which also include rebooking possibilities for trips and flights.

Information can be found under the following links:

German Foreign Office → Government of Canada →

Your awesome holiday 2020/2021: Exclusive trips through Canada, USA/Alaska, Colombia and Uganda with Captain Renés Travel

Captain Renes Travel: Your experts for 23 years. All Canada trips and Small Group Tours are designed by ourselves and are also organized by us as tour operator. These trips always include breathtaking encounters with animals in their natural habitat and are also scientifically supervised.

Rental Car Tours are designed by us and can be individually tailored for each client.

Direct Sales: You usually buy your Canada tours directly from the tour operator, so you always have first-hand information and benefit from the best possible price.

Direct partner: We are direct sales partners with our Canadian companies of ViaRail Canada, Jonview Canada, Bluewater Adventure, White Pass & Yukon Route, BC Ferries and many hotel chains and accommodations.

Customer Service: We are based in Canada, but we are always available to assist you. We have a contact number in Germany, can be reached by e-mail, Skype and of course by phone. We also offer our Callback Service.

For the additional dates of two of our Small Group Tours we offer remaining places at particularly favourable conditions:

CAPTAIN’S CHOICE: Exclusive and unique travel adventures

To the most beautiful destinations worldwide!

Every year, two new „Captain’s Choice“ trips are introduced, one of which takes place in our adopted country of North America and the second trip goes to a worldwide dream destination. Often the travel ideas arise from suggestions of our „travel family“. For example, we have visited the indigenous people in Nunvik, toured New Zealand and followed the elephants and lions in Africa. In 2020 the trips „Grizzlys, Glacier & Whales“ (Alaska with Glacier Bay) and „Ecuador & Galapagos“ (South America) are on the program.
(in German language)

Our new small group trips for 2020 are here! (in German language)

Sudden illness, business constraints, employer’s holiday ban: there are many reasons that can lead to having to cancel a planned trip. There are at least as many ways to protect yourself against the financial inconvenience this may cause. We will be happy to help you choose the perfect travel insurance before you take out your travel: just send us a masseage → and we will contact you.